A little bit about me...

I don't think I will ever forget this sincere love I had for a Nutcracker coloring book that I received as a child. As I sat to color each day, I would gather my palette of colorful crayons and with just the right amount of pressure, I would outline each shape on the page then softly color it in with the perfect strokes of color. It was official...I loved to color. I loved art. I loved creating.

Shortly after, came second grade (I think I was in second grade). KUTV Channel 4 News had a big Christmas drawing contest, which I thought I would give a shot. I drew a large tree with small loops for the pines...all carefully outlined and colored in with colored pencils. Add presents underneath the tree and a letter about my love for art...and it was in the mail. I did it. I entered the contest. It was the greatest day of my young life when I received a special note that I had won 3rd place and a sweet tape cassette player as the prize. I was thrilled.

Art has always been a huge part of who I am. I took Advanced Art classes all through High School and discovered a real passion for the challenge of discovering new techniques, new mediums and new ways to learn and grow. I went to College and pursued a degree in Interior Design, which is a huge passion of mine. Learning how to draw rooms in the correct perspective, draft up floor plans, make decor boards, color theory and so much more...I loved every little detail of it.

And then, it wasn't until the birth of my first child that I discovered a way of scrapbooking that drew me in. It wasn't the "sticker sneeze" style that I was used to seeing...it was creative...it was filled with fun techniques...it was art. It's been nearly 8 years and I have been in love with paper ever since. Add a love for stationery, letterpress, fabric, quilting, sewing, card making, stamping, photography and all things craft related...and it brings us to today...


This is a place where I plan to share my creative work with you and also all the inspirational finds I discover around the web. I hope that you will come hungry and leave inspired every time. Be inspired, Be Creative...everyday.

Robyn Werlich