ABC Inspiration Challenge: Introduction & Ltr. A

One thing that keeps me scrapbooking is the opportunity for creative growth...exploring new techniques, new mediums, new ideas and inspirations...it always keeps me exciting and wanting to move forward. Many of my favorite layouts that I've ever created, are those that have multiple 'canvases' that I embellished in various ways. I love to push myself to try new things...to think 'outside the box' and discover what new ways I can use products and photos.

Unfortunately, I'm a huge perfectionist and my layouts take me a very long time to complete. So when I saw this Photo & ATC Vintage Carousel from 7Gypsies, I knew immediately that I had to get one! As I pondered what to put on the carousel, I thought it would be fun to start with some cards/atc's/photos/etc. inspired by the alphabet.

On each Monday, I will post my 'ABC Inspiration Challenge' piece. It may be a card, envelope, embellished photo, tag, atc...anything! Each piece will be inspired by a letter of the alphabet and will have a different technique or idea behind it. In the end, I hope to have a carousel filled with color, letters, words & monograms, photos and techniques that will inspire me for years to come.

Are you up for a fun challenge?

Each Monday, I will post my project here at BeCreative-Everyday.com. You can work on your letter that week and then post a link in the comments section on the Monday post so that we can all check out your work. If you participate, please stop by and check out everyone's links so that we can help support one another. I think this is going to be a neat project - a small 'canvas' that you can work on anytime through the week - simple or super detailed - it's up to you!

My project for today is all about the Letter A.

A = Art

This card has strips of ribbon and paper, some fun tags, stamping and a vintage alphabet card that I cut out the middle of the 'A', popped it up with pop-dots and put some yellow felt underneath for added texture. Add random buttons and sewing...done. :)

The Vintage Alphabet card I used on this piece is from a Vintage game called, Probe. I bought them on etsy and they seem to show up often, in different quantities & prices. I plan to use them on my projects - probably not every one - but some of them. If your interested in getting some, here are a few links to some I found on etsy. Here, here and here.

I hope that you will feel inspired to join the 'ABC Inspiration Challenge'. I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm loving the opportunity to work on smaller projects that inspire me. If you create your 'Letter A' project this week, be sure to link here in the comments section so we can all check it out!

Have a wonderful Monday!


laura vegas said...

this is such a cute idea robyn! love the idea of something small to play with, totally for fun and just to create. i have a bunch of those old autumn leaves alphabet definition card thingies ... had always meant to do something similar with them.

Carla said...

cool robyn! I need a challenge to get my mojo flowing!!
Oh, I have those AL too like Laura does. Great idea! And a bunch of those 7 gypsies letter definition stickers.
I think I know what I'll do!

Nette said...

This looks so nice, love your *A* work so much!
Warm wishes from Berlin/Germany!

'I HAVE to take you on my bloglist'


Mary MacAskill said...

Always love your work, Robyn! This looks like a fun challenge! :)

ShellyJ said...

What a fabulous idea! LOVE IT ;) I may have to splurge and purchase on too to join you.

Nancy said...

Love this idea too! Oh but darn. Now I have to go back and by the spinner. I was wondering if you could provide more detailed product information. You know some of us love collecting some of the same goodies for similar projects. For example, which stamp did you use?
Thanks Robyn. I'm glad I found you again.

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