ABC Inspiration Challenge: Letter E

Hi everyone! I am back into the swing of things and wanted to share my letter 'E' project for my ABC Inspiration project. I went through a small vintage dictionary that I have sitting on my desk to look for a letter 'E' letter that inspired me. I wrote down a ton of words but here are a few that I was inspired by:

Exciting    Engaging    Enlightening    Emerge    Essential    Esteem    Eternal     Eager    Extraordinary
Energy    Encourage    Express    Explore    Experiment    Exercise    Eclectic    Edify    Educate
Extravagance    Emulate    Endless    Enhance    Enough    Extremely

I told you there were a lot of them! I could of gone with a number of them, but in the end, I went with 'Emerge'. There are so many things on my to-do list and so many goals that I have for myself - I'm trying to 'emerge' and 'evolve' into a new 'era' for myself (how about that for 'e's LOL). As it sits on my ATC holder, it reminds me to have faith in myself, to go forward and to emerge into the person I want to be...to go after my goals...and I like that.

I love the stamps that Studio Calico creates and this ABC stamp is no expection. Check out this ATC stamp that they have too...I used it on one of my last ATC cards and have stamped it on about every single one since - I LOVE it! I stamped the ABC stamp with brilliance Pigment Ink from Tsukineko (loving these inks and have been buying a lot of then lately) in Pearlescent Thyme. The ink has a shine/pearl to it and I love the way that it looks.

I took a yellow thread and embroidered over one of the letter 'Ee's' to add attention to it. I die-cut the word Emerge and added a few stitches to it as well. This card was really simple, but I like it. Again, sorry, but I can't stop using this hot pink and yellow...I love these colors right now.

If you have a chance to make a card this week, be sure to share with me. I'd love to see! Thanks for stopping by!


mike@ahamoment.com said...

Wow, really cool stuff. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!
I am always fascinated by the ways creativity inspires and influences people every day. For me it's always been music -- whether creating it or just listening it's a part of me through and through.
It's certainly a central theme in the videos at the link below. People from different walks of life where music continues to play a huge role.
Take a look when you have a sec, and vote for your faves. Hope you like 'em.

laura vegas said...

this card is adorable robyn! i just love that alphabet pattern paper ... do you know who makes it? and i love the word you choose :)

liana suwandi said...

Hi Robynn...
Thanks for stopping by at my blog and I'm shock get comment from you. Just want to let you know you're my favorite artist, LOVE love all your projects :)
Hope everything well with you as well.

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