Delight in Life: Stamping, embossing, & stitching

Looking back on my 8 years of stamping and scrapbooking, I am so thankful for all the amazing opportunities that I have had to share my love for this hobby and for those that have given them to me. I'll never forget the day that Tracy Kyle emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in leaving Making Memories and coming to Autumn Leaves to be exclusive and to work on their amazing idea books. I loved working for Making Memories...it was always a dream of mine. But at the time...I was ready for a new adventure and that was working with the amazing girls on the Autumn Leaves design team.

I quickly got to work on Designing with Details which was perfect...I am all about the details on my projects and it was so fun to get to work on that book! I was then thrilled to find out about the next book...Perfectly Clear...all about stamping! I loved working on that book and was thrilled when my layout made the cover. Then, Designing with Recipe Book (that's Madi there on the cover...second from left) and the 2008 Calendar. It was such an honor to participate in those books!

We then got to work on another book, Enjoy the Process, that was lead by the amazing designer, Rhonna Farrer. She has such an amazing vision and outlook on life and the creative process! I was so excited to be able to work with her on her book. After weeks of deadlines, we were done and Rhonna went to work on the type and getting everything designed the way she wanted. It wasn't until months and months later and with the crash of the economy, that we all heard that the book wasn't going to be able to be published. It was so sad...the work that went into that book and the projects...were just amazing!

No matter what Rhonna has her hands dipped into...it always turns out to be something wonderful! I was so excited to hear about the Spark Event...I love all those girls and I can not wait to be able to attend the event and participate. They announced all the Show and Tell Artists on Friday and wow - what an amazing group of talent!  Again, I feel so honored and blessed to be among them all.

I have been working on a really fun project that attendees will be able to make at my booth on Friday. I am really excited about it and hope that it will 'spark' your creativity and inspiration. Thanks to Rhonna, Liz, Margie and Jefra for having me participate. I'm really excited about the event! Go sign up if you haven't already! :)

Back to my reason for bringing up all that book talk...all the layouts that I completed for the book, Enjoy the Process, ended up not getting published and have been sitting on my computer and in my scrapbook albums every since. So, I thought I would share one of my favorites from that book that I did...Delight in Life.

Do you ever have those days when life is just hard...taking care of the kids day in and day out is hard? On that particular day, I was filling just that way. The UPS man brought me my Stampin' Up! order and as I opened it up, I took a second glance at a stamp set that was in the box. One stamp read, 'delight in life'...and I took a deep breathe...it was exactly what I needed to read at that moment. And then, it inspired me and this layout was created.

For the sun, I cut a yellow cardstock circle and then layered it with a vellum circle. I then sewed in circles many times and dropped a sequin underneath the needle once in awhile. The suns rays are white felt that I brushed a glitter glue on top of and then cut and glued to the page.

For the title, I stamped the word 'delight' on strips of paper and embossed them with silver embossing powder. The hill was created with green cardstock and then paper strips from Doodlebug that were ruffled up and stitched together to create the appearance of grass.

I sewed some stems for the flowers with a kraft colored thread and then sewed on flower buttons (also from Doodlebug).

Although I created this layout over 2 years ago, it is still one of my all-time favorites. Not only for the fun techniques and design, but for the message that it portrays.

This past week has been one of those weeks...life is just hard and taking care of the kids day in and day out is hard. A lot of us do it and we get through it...but it just made me think of this layout and I thought I'd share it here with you all today. I hope that it inspires you in your art...and also reminds you...to delight in life.


The ABC Inspiration Challenge will continue tomorrow with the Letter E. I apologize about the delay but check back Tuesday for another card. Have a great Monday! It is actually snowing here right now - can you believe it? Snowing!


6p00d8341d3f5053ef said...

such a great post Robyn. Sorry to hear about the book...hopefully your projects can find a happy home now here on your blog.

Hope you have a great week.

laura vegas said...

so fun to hear more about your days with autumn leaves. i have ALL their books and they are still total eye candy to me. so sad that the last one never came out ... and that your layouts have been tucked away. this one is just gorgeous ... love that sun and the grass is just so cool looking!

Severine said...

your work is always so amazing!
I LOVE it!
It was great to read about AL.
I was so excited when Tracy asked me about the freestyle book so I can see why you loved to work with them.
This layout is simply perfect! I love to read how you create it.
Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Sheri R said...

Such a fabulous layout Robyn!
I love the design, colors, not to mention, the adorable photo of your kiddos. :)
I hope you post more pages from "the book that wasn't" on your blog. We'd LOVE to see them!
I soooo miss the AL books and calendars.

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