How to choose fabrics for a quilt?

Everytime I go to start a new project, whether it be a scrapbook page, a card, or a quilt...it seems that it always stems from me being inspired by a certain product that I just can't wait to use any longer. Obviously, time doesn't permit me to work on everything at once (I wish it would) so things sit and wait to be used up...and these beautiful fabrics are some of those lovely things.

I just love everything that Heather Bailey comes out with and when I saw this first line, Freshcut, I think I bought nearly all of it. Products always seem to age quickly for me...scrapbooking patterned papers and fabrics...I know when they came out, what is currently hot and new...I just love to keep up on all of that stuff. So, sometimes it's hard for me to go back and use something that is "older" when there are so many "newer" things that I'm so anxious to use.

However, as I went to dig through my stash to see if there was something in my collection that would be fun to use for the quilt I'm making for Madisyn, I found the fabrics from Freshcut and I was instantly inspired. How can you go wrong with these fresh colors, polka dots and florals?

When working on a big project like a quilt, I usually like to stick to one fabric line because I like it to look coordinated and the colors to match well together. I've been trying to break out of that though and be okay with some differences and variety. So I pulled all the Freshcut fabrics I wanted to use and then I tried to see what else 'matched' with the colors...a mustard polka-dot, a mustard yellow corduroy, a rose fabric, a dot from an older Amy Butler line and some more. I love how it all came together!

Now, the cutting begins! I plan to die-cut the fabrics into 4-5" circles and sew them on top of a solid'ish fabric...any recommendations on a background fabric for this color combo? I was thinking of maybe the light brown from one of the Freshcut fabrics - or just a neutral cream? Decisions!

Speaking of fabric, I was excited when I read on the blog of Paula Prass that she was giving away 3 fat quarters of her new fabric collection, Woodland Delight. Imagine the excitement I had when I found out I won the 'brown' colorway of fat quarters - so thrilled! I think they are beautiful fabrics...I debated about using them for Madisyn's quilt instead...but I've already gotten this far on the other set! :) So, now I need to come up with a new plan - check out the fabrics, they are beautiful and I think I read that they will be available the beginning of November! :)


tammy said...

Love those colors! I think I would do a creme colored background...especially for a girl...can't wait to see your progress and finished piece!

AnyaL said...

Thanks for sharing. Love fabrics too...

Lorna May said...

I have just come to your blog via
Melissa Francis and I am so pleased. I have many designing with books but my favourite is DW Detail! I can't help but feel happy and inspired when I look at it. I am off to add your blog to my favourites.

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