Simple & Inexpensive holiday gift: Bookmarks

This is another project from an Autumn Leaves book that ended up not getting published...these holiday bookmarks with some photos of the kiddos. You can personalize them with the initial of the recipient and have fun decorating them with cardstock, sequins, gems...whatever you have on hand. I made one for my Mom and an extra for my own books...all using simple craft supplies that I had laying around.

In other news...we are moving...again! Crazy crazy...I know!! It's been an intense 2 months for us while we have been trying to find a new home and everything luckily fell into place this week. We are thankful for that! We need to be in there and out of here by January 1 so I feel like this whole month of December has just been a whirlwind! Luckily, the move is right behind this house in a great cul-de-sac with a wonderful, bigger home. I'm excited to get in to it and be able to call it out 'own' and get decorating a bit more. I haven't done much in this current home and that's been hard for me...so I look forward to some of those changes.

It should be a fairly eas'ier' move than last time - load things up and drive them over - I'm not going to be having to box things up and all that - just take things over so I hope that it will go smoothly. Busy time to be moving - hectic to say the least - but we'll get it done.

Our Christmas shopping is done...and although the decorating for Christmas hasn't been much this year - there is a little up. I had so many fun projects I wanted to do but with this upcoming move - it just didn't happen. It is what it is...right? :) Are you done with your shopping? We've got lots of family parties this weekend and next week - so much to do - and yet we are trying to enjoy the holidays and the Spirit of Christmas as much as possible! I hope that you are all having a wonderful December!

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laura vegas said...

these bookmarks are so cute robyn! i can think of a few people that would appreciate something like this ... i might just have time to do something like this. i had big plans to do more christmas related projects this year ... but it just didn't happen. it is what it is. that's always been a favorite saying of mine. good luck on the move :)