How to choose fabrics for a quilt?

Everytime I go to start a new project, whether it be a scrapbook page, a card, or a quilt...it seems that it always stems from me being inspired by a certain product that I just can't wait to use any longer. Obviously, time doesn't permit me to work on everything at once (I wish it would) so things sit and wait to be used up...and these beautiful fabrics are some of those lovely things.

I just love everything that Heather Bailey comes out with and when I saw this first line, Freshcut, I think I bought nearly all of it. Products always seem to age quickly for me...scrapbooking patterned papers and fabrics...I know when they came out, what is currently hot and new...I just love to keep up on all of that stuff. So, sometimes it's hard for me to go back and use something that is "older" when there are so many "newer" things that I'm so anxious to use.

However, as I went to dig through my stash to see if there was something in my collection that would be fun to use for the quilt I'm making for Madisyn, I found the fabrics from Freshcut and I was instantly inspired. How can you go wrong with these fresh colors, polka dots and florals?

When working on a big project like a quilt, I usually like to stick to one fabric line because I like it to look coordinated and the colors to match well together. I've been trying to break out of that though and be okay with some differences and variety. So I pulled all the Freshcut fabrics I wanted to use and then I tried to see what else 'matched' with the colors...a mustard polka-dot, a mustard yellow corduroy, a rose fabric, a dot from an older Amy Butler line and some more. I love how it all came together!

Now, the cutting begins! I plan to die-cut the fabrics into 4-5" circles and sew them on top of a solid'ish fabric...any recommendations on a background fabric for this color combo? I was thinking of maybe the light brown from one of the Freshcut fabrics - or just a neutral cream? Decisions!

Speaking of fabric, I was excited when I read on the blog of Paula Prass that she was giving away 3 fat quarters of her new fabric collection, Woodland Delight. Imagine the excitement I had when I found out I won the 'brown' colorway of fat quarters - so thrilled! I think they are beautiful fabrics...I debated about using them for Madisyn's quilt instead...but I've already gotten this far on the other set! :) So, now I need to come up with a new plan - check out the fabrics, they are beautiful and I think I read that they will be available the beginning of November! :)


ABC Inspiration Challenge: Ltr F

Hello everyone! I had the most wonderful weekend of creating and laughing...it was so great and I feel like I got some fun projects done. I'm going to try to wrap them up and get them posted soon. It was so fun to be in full creative mode for a few days...something I really needed and I'm so thankful to all of those that helped me with the kids so that I could go. :)

I'm back in the swing of things...kids are all sick with the flu, working hard on kits for the SPARK event next weekend, working on things to sell at Spark and so much more! Busy busy! I did get my Letter 'F' card done of the ABC Inspiration Challenge though. It's quite simple...I wanted to put the word 'fall' on there since it is my most favorite time of year, but ended up going with a 'fall' theme and putting the word 'family' instead.

I took a page from a Jenni Bowlin mini album, added an old stamp that was from an older Autumn Leaves stamp set (the leaf border stamp), added some paper, some stamped leaves that were cut out and a stamped image. Simple.

I hope that you all had a great weekend. Anyone battling the flu at their house? I'm praying that I don't catch it - any tricks? I have way too much to do to be down with the flu right now. Yuckers!


Scrapbooking: Shine, Silly Boy

I am heading out for the weekend, with my dear friend Amy, for a much needed creative getaway. We have lots of fun projects planned, movies to watch, cupcakes to eat and so much more!

Blogging will hit full force on Monday with lots of fun things to share.

In the meantime, here is another layout that I had created for the 'Enjoy the Process' book that was suppose to come out by Autumn Leaves. This book was cancelled after all our work was done due to the poor economy - so many wonderful projects!

This is just a fun one I did with embellished circles and a silly photo of Hudson in the middle. Again, this was done over two years ago - but still fun! Have a great weekend! I can't wait to go and create without the mush-head kiddos for a few days! :)


Color Inspiration: No. 3

I am always inspired by the adorable shirts for girls at the Gap. Not only are the color schemes inspiring, but the type, the decoration, the design...they all combine to make the perfect combination. Here are a few shirts that I hope will inspire you in your own creative projects. I have yet to make a project using these amazing designs in mind...but I'm going to. Are you?


A little enabling...I just ordered a Canvas print of my kiddos from this great place I heard about and I am sooo excited to get it. I've been wanting a canvas print for years. I also saw this great special they have on personalized calendars right now and thought it would make a great Christmas present for family...I might have to place another order.

My apologies again...things have been crazy busy! I have so much to post about too! I've been working on some fun little projects that I'll be sharing (now that I've found my camera that has been missing...that was scary).

Any readers with an Apple Wireless Keyboard for their Mac? Mine keeps losing it's connection (about 10 times in this post alone). Any ideas on why this is happening? The batteries are fine...it's driving me nuts though! Thanks!


New fabrics from Quilt Market Fall 2009

I always look forward to seeing the unvieling of new fabric collections at Quilt Market. Although I have never been to Quilt Market in person...I search the internet for photos and info about what is hot and what is new. I always look forward to seeing new fabrics from Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and American Jane...and now it seems like I'm falling in love with so many other designers and companies.

Here are a few photos that I have found of new lines that I'm excited to check out when they are available:

Love by Amy Butler

Swell Nicey Jane and Cool Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey

(above photos taken from Fat Quarter Shop)

Woodland Delight from Paula Prass (this is one of the three great color combos)

Riley Blake - beautiful designs and lots of new lines coming out. I saw the All-Stars line last week at a fabric store and I'm thinking of making bedding for my boys room with it...it is beautiful! Love this cute umbrella design below:

I'm sure there are plenty more, but there are a few that I am excited to see. Any others that you  have seen and fell in love with?

For Madisyn's 8th Birthday and baptism in January, I am making her a special blanket for the big day. I finally think I have all the fabrics pulled and ready to go...I've got to get started soon or I won't get it done...especially with the holidays coming up. I really want to use all the yummy new fabrics that are out, but I'm trying to use up some of my stash...which there is plenty of. I'll take a picture of the yummy pile of fabrics and share here...as well as the next card in the ABC Inspiration Challenge. My hubby has been sick and things have been crazy...so I'm sorry about the lack of posts. I had high goals of posting every day to this blog and I hope that I can get there very soon! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


ABC Inspiration Challenge: Letter E

Hi everyone! I am back into the swing of things and wanted to share my letter 'E' project for my ABC Inspiration project. I went through a small vintage dictionary that I have sitting on my desk to look for a letter 'E' letter that inspired me. I wrote down a ton of words but here are a few that I was inspired by:

Exciting    Engaging    Enlightening    Emerge    Essential    Esteem    Eternal     Eager    Extraordinary
Energy    Encourage    Express    Explore    Experiment    Exercise    Eclectic    Edify    Educate
Extravagance    Emulate    Endless    Enhance    Enough    Extremely

I told you there were a lot of them! I could of gone with a number of them, but in the end, I went with 'Emerge'. There are so many things on my to-do list and so many goals that I have for myself - I'm trying to 'emerge' and 'evolve' into a new 'era' for myself (how about that for 'e's LOL). As it sits on my ATC holder, it reminds me to have faith in myself, to go forward and to emerge into the person I want to be...to go after my goals...and I like that.

I love the stamps that Studio Calico creates and this ABC stamp is no expection. Check out this ATC stamp that they have too...I used it on one of my last ATC cards and have stamped it on about every single one since - I LOVE it! I stamped the ABC stamp with brilliance Pigment Ink from Tsukineko (loving these inks and have been buying a lot of then lately) in Pearlescent Thyme. The ink has a shine/pearl to it and I love the way that it looks.

I took a yellow thread and embroidered over one of the letter 'Ee's' to add attention to it. I die-cut the word Emerge and added a few stitches to it as well. This card was really simple, but I like it. Again, sorry, but I can't stop using this hot pink and yellow...I love these colors right now.

If you have a chance to make a card this week, be sure to share with me. I'd love to see! Thanks for stopping by!


Delight in Life: Stamping, embossing, & stitching

Looking back on my 8 years of stamping and scrapbooking, I am so thankful for all the amazing opportunities that I have had to share my love for this hobby and for those that have given them to me. I'll never forget the day that Tracy Kyle emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in leaving Making Memories and coming to Autumn Leaves to be exclusive and to work on their amazing idea books. I loved working for Making Memories...it was always a dream of mine. But at the time...I was ready for a new adventure and that was working with the amazing girls on the Autumn Leaves design team.

I quickly got to work on Designing with Details which was perfect...I am all about the details on my projects and it was so fun to get to work on that book! I was then thrilled to find out about the next book...Perfectly Clear...all about stamping! I loved working on that book and was thrilled when my layout made the cover. Then, Designing with Recipe Book (that's Madi there on the cover...second from left) and the 2008 Calendar. It was such an honor to participate in those books!

We then got to work on another book, Enjoy the Process, that was lead by the amazing designer, Rhonna Farrer. She has such an amazing vision and outlook on life and the creative process! I was so excited to be able to work with her on her book. After weeks of deadlines, we were done and Rhonna went to work on the type and getting everything designed the way she wanted. It wasn't until months and months later and with the crash of the economy, that we all heard that the book wasn't going to be able to be published. It was so sad...the work that went into that book and the projects...were just amazing!

No matter what Rhonna has her hands dipped into...it always turns out to be something wonderful! I was so excited to hear about the Spark Event...I love all those girls and I can not wait to be able to attend the event and participate. They announced all the Show and Tell Artists on Friday and wow - what an amazing group of talent!  Again, I feel so honored and blessed to be among them all.

I have been working on a really fun project that attendees will be able to make at my booth on Friday. I am really excited about it and hope that it will 'spark' your creativity and inspiration. Thanks to Rhonna, Liz, Margie and Jefra for having me participate. I'm really excited about the event! Go sign up if you haven't already! :)

Back to my reason for bringing up all that book talk...all the layouts that I completed for the book, Enjoy the Process, ended up not getting published and have been sitting on my computer and in my scrapbook albums every since. So, I thought I would share one of my favorites from that book that I did...Delight in Life.

Do you ever have those days when life is just hard...taking care of the kids day in and day out is hard? On that particular day, I was filling just that way. The UPS man brought me my Stampin' Up! order and as I opened it up, I took a second glance at a stamp set that was in the box. One stamp read, 'delight in life'...and I took a deep breathe...it was exactly what I needed to read at that moment. And then, it inspired me and this layout was created.

For the sun, I cut a yellow cardstock circle and then layered it with a vellum circle. I then sewed in circles many times and dropped a sequin underneath the needle once in awhile. The suns rays are white felt that I brushed a glitter glue on top of and then cut and glued to the page.

For the title, I stamped the word 'delight' on strips of paper and embossed them with silver embossing powder. The hill was created with green cardstock and then paper strips from Doodlebug that were ruffled up and stitched together to create the appearance of grass.

I sewed some stems for the flowers with a kraft colored thread and then sewed on flower buttons (also from Doodlebug).

Although I created this layout over 2 years ago, it is still one of my all-time favorites. Not only for the fun techniques and design, but for the message that it portrays.

This past week has been one of those weeks...life is just hard and taking care of the kids day in and day out is hard. A lot of us do it and we get through it...but it just made me think of this layout and I thought I'd share it here with you all today. I hope that it inspires you in your art...and also reminds you...to delight in life.


The ABC Inspiration Challenge will continue tomorrow with the Letter E. I apologize about the delay but check back Tuesday for another card. Have a great Monday! It is actually snowing here right now - can you believe it? Snowing!


Vintage Cubbie & Halloween Inspiration

When I first saw the new fall catalog from Pottery Barn, I just took a big, deep sigh. Oh how I love them! Their stylist are amazing and thier new focus on 'vintage' is just beautiful! I have been all about vintage lately...adding in vintage benches and little vintages pieces bought from consignment stores and etsy...vintage modern is definetly my new passion!

I love anything that is similar to vintage lockers, apothecary cabinets, little drawers and cubbies and fun places to store and display little treasures. So when I came upon this amazing vintage inspired cubbie in the catalog, I was instantly smitten...and then quickly placed my order. 

Now, the dilemma of how to decorate this beautiful piece! It has been put up on the wall that you see as soon as you walk downstairs into our main family room. I love the way that it loI've got some ideas that I'm hoping to get done here soon...right now, I've placed just little things in the cubbies to visualize and get an idea of what I want. I'll share pictures of my progress soon.

Some other fun vintage inspired pieces at Pottery Barn:

Skeleton Keys

Found Thread/Wooden Spools (although I think these are over priced)

Galvanized Metal Collection: Chalkboard Cabinet, canister, and this super cute serving piece (I love how they decorated this for Halloween - so inspiring!)

Canvas Typewriter Prints 

Floor Standing Pinboard


Now that October is here and the fall weather is upon us, I can't help but think of Halloween and all the fun things I want to create! Here are some links to some fun Halloween things that I'd love to try play around with this month. If you have some fun ideas or links...share in the comments section.

Martha Halloween Pumpkins
   (check out all of the amazing ideas at Martha's Halloween Central)
House of 3 Halloween Dingbat Font & Halloween Definition Brushes
LOVE this Halloween Digital Kit from Paislee Press at O'Scraps
These digital Halloween Kits from Carina Gardner are so amazing! Here, here, here and here.


I've got a fun annoucement to make next week! Check out this if you want a hint! :)
Have a great Friday! I'm off to do some vintage inspiration shopping (and a scrapbook store too of course)!