Sweet little Valentines


I wanted to share these little Valentine's I made this week. They are small little cards that fit in little envelopes - lots of punched hearts and some stamped sayings. Simple but sweet for the kiddos. I wanted to add some sewing to them, but wasn't able to get to it this week. I hope you all have a special Valentine's Day!

On a family note, yesterday was a very special day...my sweet girl, Madisyn, was baptized! We have the in-laws in town and my sweet sister from St. George drove up with her 6 kids to be here for the event...the support and love from family always amazes me and I'm so grateful to them all. It was a beautiful day!

This morning before church, Madi was complaining that her front tooth was hurting so I tried to pull it out...and out it came! She has only lost her bottom two teeth so to loose one of her top front teeth...well, it was a big deal! She looks so different though! :) Madisyn wore her gorgeous white dress to church today and looked so beautiful! I can't believe she is 8! I can't believe she is baptized! Time goes so quickly! I love that sweet girl so much!