Valentine's Day Inspiration

What is there not to love about hearts, surprises, cupcakes, love letters and all that resembles love and Valentine's Day? I love this holiday! I love the feminine beauty of it. I love the red and pink. I love hearts. And...let's throw in a little aqua for good measure! :) What do you love about Valentine's Day?

Enjoy these inspirational finds from flickr!

1. Color Me Pretty, 2. Turquoise Seam Binding, 3. rose cupcakes, 4. A corner of my office, 5. Vintage Bottles, 6. Vintage Pink Push Button Phone, 7. Pink Malabar Balloon "Hevea's Blood", 8. Butterflies and Spools, 9. tiffany blue, 10. Jade 21st Cupcakes #2, 11. pretty in pink, 12. All we need is love ..., 13. Cupcake assortment, 14. Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons., 15. Discarded, 16. Untitled


Kathy (krolski) said...

Oh, I would love to have that old pink telephone! :) I love that kids get so excited to share their homemade Valentines.

Kim J. said...

Ooooh. Look at all that tasty turquoise and pink. Now that's my kind of Valentine's Day.