Valentine's Day Inspiration

What is there not to love about hearts, surprises, cupcakes, love letters and all that resembles love and Valentine's Day? I love this holiday! I love the feminine beauty of it. I love the red and pink. I love hearts. And...let's throw in a little aqua for good measure! :) What do you love about Valentine's Day?

Enjoy these inspirational finds from flickr!

1. Color Me Pretty, 2. Turquoise Seam Binding, 3. rose cupcakes, 4. A corner of my office, 5. Vintage Bottles, 6. Vintage Pink Push Button Phone, 7. Pink Malabar Balloon "Hevea's Blood", 8. Butterflies and Spools, 9. tiffany blue, 10. Jade 21st Cupcakes #2, 11. pretty in pink, 12. All we need is love ..., 13. Cupcake assortment, 14. Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons., 15. Discarded, 16. Untitled