Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day! 

I hope that everyone has a special day today! We are lucky to be having my parents over for dinner tonight...it will be so nice to have some special time with them! I love my mother dearly - she is such an amazing woman! I'm so thankful for all that she has done for me and my sweet family! Have a beautiful day!

Mother's Day always makes me reflect on my role as a mother...how I feel like I'm doing, what I can improve on and in general...just loving on my three sweet children that I have been so blessed with!

I have been absent from my blog for the past month becuase we have been busy with Dr.'s appointments and evaluations for our little Jaxon. He is not talking much and we've had a few concerns. After all the evaluations, he was diagnosed with a 'Severe Speech Articulation Disorder'. He is almost 28 months old and is speaking at a 1 year 1 month level. His 'receptive speech' is just a month or two behind - so he can understand what we are saying, follow commands, etc., but he can't 'express/articulate' himself with words.

Jaxon has started Speech Therapy at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at the hospital and goes once a week for an hour. He also is having therapy done at our home which has been once a week so far. It's amazing how in just a month...your schedule and life can change so much.

We are teaching Jaxon some sign-language so he can communicate to us his needs. It has been so thrilling to see him sign 'eat', 'drink', 'more', 'all-done', and 'me'. We are also working on the signs for 'help' and 'please'. It is very clear that he loves it - he loves being able to communicate and tell us his needs. And as a mother...it's so exciting to see him working so hard to communicate with us!

This past week, Jaxon said the sounds.../oooo/, /h/, /p/, /b/, /m/ and said /go/. It was exciting and I'm so happy to see that the therapy is helping him. By the age of 2, children should be able to say at least 50 words. Jaxon says ma, da, and no. So, we have a lot of work to do but the progress he has made just the past week is exciting to see.

As mothers...I think it's so amazing how we all have our own struggles in life. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses and often times, embracing them and working on them is what it's all about.

I love my children with all my heart! Through diagnosis of autism, anxiety, and speech impairment and through lots of sessions of occupational & speech therapy...we have been tried, but we have also been so very blessed. We begin another journey now with our little Jaxon boy...and we are ready! Ready for the therapy, ready for the home sessions we need to do, ready to work to get him where he needs to be! Cause as Mothers...that's what we do. Help them to be the best that they can be...whatever that may be!

If you haven't seen this fabulous video yet, take a moment today to watch it. I cried and smiled all at the same time. It is beautiful! I have never met Stephanie but I talk about her to my family all the time. Madisyn wants to go and play with her girls every time she see's them on my computer! :)


Have a wonderful day my sweet friends, mothers and mothers-to-be someday!


Carla said...

Happy Mother's Day Robyn. Sorry about Jaxson but glad you're getting help from him. We went through the same thing with our son. He started ST about the same age. He's 4.5 years old now and has made huge progress. Do you have help from the state? Our state, Illinois, helps with the costs for everyone. Good luck :)

Allison Kimball said...

Happy Mother's Day Robyn! I think you expressed this beautifully.

Emily said...

Finally found your new blog--it's taken me far too many months to do so. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and I am so glad things are progressing with Jaxon. I love teaching little ones sign language, and "eat" and "more" are probably my two favorite! (Probably because I love eating!) I hope the therapy continues to go well. I'm sure he will pick it up super quickly!

And I love that video of Nie Nie. So inspiring!

liana suwandi said...

Happy Mother's day Robyn!!! Good Luck my friend!

maggie holmes said...

Hey friend! how are you? reading this took me back to when we had little tyler in speech therapy when he was 2 1/2. i remember them saying he should have 50-100 words and i about died because he had none! bless Jaxon's little heart and you guys too! i am thinking about you girl! it is amazing how much our lives are affected by all of this and yet you just plug away and go for it. and we wouldn't know it any different. we are transitioning emily over to the school now since she is almost three so pretty soon i will not have three different days of therapy with her - just preschool. it will be different that's for sure!
but anyway, just want you to know i love you and think about you lots! we have had so much of the same path with ty and madi and now we both have another one with other needs as well.... it's just nice to know there are others going through the same thing. hugs!!

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...

Hey Robyn,

I stumbled upon your blog through Shannon's. (We used to live at Traverse Mountain) and my parents are Joel and Lynette Cash, who were in your ward in St. George. I can really relate to this post. My daughter Jocelyn just turned 2 and has no real words. My son Boston is on the Autism Spectrum so of course I have been very concerned; but I've had her evaluated for Autism and she isn't on the spectrum. (I can see that more and more as she gets older. She is very social, just doesn't know how to communicate.) Her receptive language seems near normal, but her expressive language I've been told is nearly a year behind. My question is where did you get Jaxon's diagnosis? Although Jocelyn isn't on the spectrum, I haven't received any diagnosis of what she IS struggling with. I hadn't heard of a Speech Articulation Disorder and I want to get her more services (we are in early intervention, but it hasn't seemed to help any. She has been with E.I. since she was 18 months old.) I have looked into private therapy at the place Boston attends but it is so expensive and we are already overloaded with Boston's expenses. If you could give me any advice of where you have sought out a diagnosis and services I would really appreciate it. I can really relate to your story and it is so comforting knowing others are/have gone through the same thing.

Carly Young

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