Family updates & another AC layout share

So much has happened with my family this summer, hence the slow blog posts, that I thought I would post a quick update on everyone.

In July, Madi complained about not being able to see the tv so we got her eyes checked out. We were so surprised to discover that she needed glasses! She is now sporting the cutest pair of black glasses that have a darling pink and white stripe on the inside. She looks so cute!!

Madi has had a ton of fun this summer playing with friends! I think the lack of routine really gets to her though and it's time for school to start! Unfortunately, Madisyn started having 'tonsil stones' and is having surgery Friday to remove her tonsils. I've heard it is very hard for them and that it's 10 hard days of recovery. I feel so bad for her. She has so much anxiety as is...and I'm worried about how she'll handle all this. I haven't told her yet that she's gonna miss the first few days of school - poor sweetie! Please say a prayer for her this Friday that all will go well! Thank you!

This summer, Hudson grew about a foot! The kid is almost as tall as Madi and all boy! Into Lego's, Star Wars, playing with swords, riding his bike and playing with friends. He has grown a ton with his swimming and jumping off the diving board - so proud of the little dude! And we cut his darling long hair when school got out. I was heartbroken (I loved his long hair), but it was time. And he looks so dang handsome (if I can say so!) :)

In June, the poor guy got his finger smashed in the door. The x-ray just showed a flatted bone - it was so crazy! He also had a ton of blood under his fingernail, so they had to drill holes to release the pressure and blood. Not fun! Luckily, he was able to take it all off the day we arrived in California in July - so happy! He just lost his nail from it all - what a journey for the guy!

Next week, he starts first grade! I can't believe he's going to be at school all day with Madisyn! So crazy! A new school in just opening right up the street from us so that is really exciting! He will have a great year!

all photos taken by me in California, July 2010
Lil' Jax has been a busy little guy this summer! I previously mentioned how he has a Speech Disorder - he can fully understand you, but can't speak back. After numerous therapy sessions, he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Just like the Autism spectrum, Apraxia has a whole spectrum of it's own. Jaxon's progress has been very slow but he is progressing...and that is rewarding. With Apraxia, basically your brain knows what to say but it can't 'fire' the correct neurons to say the words. It is extremely frustrating for the kids and we have seen that in Jaxon. But as he is learning some sign language and some basic sounds - that frustration is being replaced with confidence. We just have to keep working at it - every day. He goes to the hospital to work with a wonderful Speech Pathology Therapist twice a week and then a therapist comes to our house about once a week. Then, we do sessions with him on our own and so do Madi and Hudson. They are so cute signing to him and working with him - it's so fun to see.

So, as you can see...this summer has been crazy for our little family! Ryan is usually gone every week for work so it's just me running everyone around and trying to stay sane! I'm looking forward to the big kids going to school all day to help get some balance, schedule and routine back into our daily lives. It's much needed! :) I'm looking forward to some much needed creative time! :) Thanks for your comments on the last post! It's good to hear from some of you and that your still here with me! I'm gonna get lots better!
Here is another layout that I did for American Crafts. I laughed at myself that both of my layouts had white cardstock bases - kinda funny! The branch is a design by American Crafts for the Silhouette die-cutting machine. The labels were cut with the Silhouette too. Love that machine!

Thanks for coming by! :)


Keshka said...

Love the LO and hope all goes well for Madisyn's surgery and Jaxon's speech and Hudson's new school:)

dannigirl said...

super cute girl. congrats on the ac gig, you most certainly deserve it! if i had a design team, i'd beg you to be on it.lol

Jen Gallacher said...

You have had a VERY busy summer, my dear! My prayers are for Madisyn's quick recovery.

laura vegas said...

sounds like you and your family have been super busy this summer! but good to hear that everyone is doing good and surviving! hope that madi is feeling ok this week and recovering quickly. and huge congrats on AC ... your layouts are amazing!

Stamping Cafe said...

You have beautiful kids, Robyn! Gorgeous photos and layout, love them! You work inspired me!

shaggyfish said...

lovely LO! thanks for sharing your updates.. get to know you better!

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