Home Decor Inspiration: Vintage Metal/Wire Baskets

My thoughts have been wrapped up in decorating my home lately. Room by room, I've been analyzing what I want to change, what my vision for that space is and how I can make it happen. One thing that I always love searching for...are fun storage pieces. I have always loved vintage lockers and the vintage locker buckets. They are timeless and I love the way they look in a modern or traditional home. Here are a few of my favs lately:

Schoolhouse Wire Basket from Restoration Hardware
How fun would this be next to your sofa, desk, even as a garbage can with a fun canvas liner! Love it!

Pool Locker Baskets
My Mom just got some of these and they are beautiful! There is also a great selection of these on Etsy - I search for them regularly. Great finds there!

PE Collection Wall Pockets at Ballard Designs
I absolutely love these! I really wanted to get the 2 side-by-side pocket organizer to put my 12x12 papers in but they don't fit 12x12 paper. They are just a tad short. But, the single pockets do! So, I'm planning on buying two of the single pockets to put on the left side wall of my desk so I can easily reach over for my most used colors of cardstock and patterned papers. Love the look of these!

Toscano Wire Basket at Pottery Barn
The size of these are great! When your looking for metal/wire baskets, be sure to look at how tight the metal is weaved together. Larger weaves like these baskets are great for towels, linens, books, etc. Or, fill it with a liner or a fun array of bowls for smaller items and collections. And any basket with a vintage label or a place for you to put your own label, like these baskets, are a win-win in my book!

Wire Basket with Handles from Pottery Barn
These baskets have a very loose weave to them and yet I love how uneven and rustic they look. I like how they lined the baskets with a simple kraft wrapping paper...what a great, inexpensive idea!

Old School Locker Baskets from Land of Nod
These look exactly like the old school locker baskets - yet they are new. I have three of these and absolutely love them! Great quality and you can't beat the look! Again, search on etsy or ebay for these as well. Great authentic vintage baskets there.

Some more options: Fun colored baskets, Wire Bins for balls, bats, etc., Closed Locker Bins from Pottery Barn Teen in fun color choices, & Galvinized Metal Bins
One of my most favorite sites for all things vintage'y' wire, storage and amazing photo display items is Peddlers! They are amazing! I wish I could buy direct on their site (they only sell to retailers)! Finding their items are a bit harder but I love them! Check out their whole site - such amazing finds!

Fun options huh! I just love the look they add to a home! I've got my own collection here and can't wait to add more in various places in our home. Hope this inspired you to get organized!

I'll be back soon with my cards for American Crafts...have to take photos of them! Have a good one!


AllyW said...

I'm in love with all those baskets!

Keshka said...

Love all of these, too!

Andrea M. said...

I too have a wire basket fetish! :) Thanks for sharing.

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