Noteworthy Bits No. 2

More Noteworthy Bits today...

1. My sweet nephew, Paxton, has had a difficult week recovering from another operation he had. Please continue to keep him in your prayers! Tonight, Monday, on the 10pm KSL (channel 5) news, the story of Paxton and his rare condition will be aired. We are excited to see the story and I know that my sister hopes that it will bring healing or help some family out there by sharing it. So, tune in if your interested. I'll post a link to anything posted online afterward.

2. Sold the machine - thanks!
3. I'm slowly getting onto the twitter bandwagon...and getting quickly addicted to checking in for all the updates from everyone. It's so fun! If your interested in following me...click here. Or on the twitter logo in the sidebar.

4. We had a fun Halloween party up at my parents Cabin this weekend! We usually have the party close to Halloween and it was so nice to have it earlier - it really got us in the mood for Halloween. I made some simple Halloween decorations for the party with American Crafts new Halloween line and also the Toil & Trouble line from Girls Paperie. I'll have another post about those...but I wanted to share a fun little craft project that the kids did.
Each child decorated a 4x6 'Just Write' Journaling Card from the American Crafts Boo! line with rubons and stickers from the line and also stickers (love that sticker pad!) from the Toil & Trouble (Girls Paperie) line. They had so much fun decorating their cards!
I used my Silhouette machine to cut out some cute Halloween images (designed/uploaded by Pebbles, Inc.) and then the Mom's stapled a die-cut image onto ribbon, then a child's card, then another die-cut image and continued on till all their cards were stapled on to create a darling Halloween banner. I just realized that I didn't get a final photo of anyone's banner - I'll have to have them send me picts. It was a fun little project though and the kids had a good time (and so did the mom's)!
5. I feel like I've been doing more organizing in my studio than crafting lately...but it always feels good to get things put away. For a long time, I've had my paints in bins sorted by color families. It's worked good but it takes up so much room in my closet. So, I decided to move them into one of my drawers and store them upside down so the paint is ready to go and so I can easily see the colors. It is working so much better - plus - I love to see all the colors! :)
Sorry for all the dark/yucky photos - taken with iphone at night! :)
I want to share more, but I gotta get ready to get this cute little boy to therapy. I hope you all have a great Monday! And don't forget to watch the KSL 5 news tonite if your local!


Jasey said...

I love your blog but am not much of a commenter.... but I need some advice. I am not too computer savvy and am wondering how the silhouette is? I want one but need to know if it is hard to use? Any advice?

Jen Gallacher said...

Those paint colors are like a work of art. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your inspiration Robyn! Sorry for others that post on here negatively and judgementally. Our family is praying for your nephew and hope he gets better soon. Keep inspiring others like myself!

-Lisa K. :)

laura vegas said...

last weekend, i added some cubed storage drawers to my scraproom. and i decided to fill up one drawer with all my MM paints ... and i put them all upside down, so i could see the colors better. now i know where i got that idea from. YOU! lol! because i did read this post before that, i guess i just didn't comment. glad your ideas stick in my head ;)

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