Altered 7Gypsies Notebook

Awhile ago, 7 Gypsies sent me some of their new notebook/journals to play with. I fell in love with them instantly! This dark chocolate brown one with the music notes works for just about anything! And I love the pockets on the front page cover inside! Perfect!

For the cover of this notebook, I used an image from my Silhouette machine and used the negative space to create a 'mask'. I temporarily adhered it to the front of my notebook and sponged on a very thick layer of dark turquoise paint. I love how thick the paint is when it dried!

I then tied yellow string and green ribbon into a bow and glued them behind a flower that I made with vintage ledger paper. I crumpled up the papers and inked the edges with silver ink.

For inside the notebook, I simply stapled some ribbons to some pages, added some patterned paper to some pages, some stamping, etc. This large number stamp, from Studio Calico, is one of my most fav stamps ever! I'm excited to use this fun little notebook for ideas and inspiration as they come to me!

On a personal note, thank you for your kind words and emails in regards to Jaxon! We went to Arizona last week, sans kids, and we had a great time! We stayed at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore hotel and I had lots of fun checking out some awesome stores there! I'll post some pictures soon! Yesterday, Jaxon had a hearing test, today he had therapy and tomorrow he has therapy at the hospital. It's so busy! We thought that maybe he needed ear tubes but it looks like he is okay so that is good! Hope your all doing well! Hugs!


Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day! 

I hope that everyone has a special day today! We are lucky to be having my parents over for dinner tonight...it will be so nice to have some special time with them! I love my mother dearly - she is such an amazing woman! I'm so thankful for all that she has done for me and my sweet family! Have a beautiful day!

Mother's Day always makes me reflect on my role as a mother...how I feel like I'm doing, what I can improve on and in general...just loving on my three sweet children that I have been so blessed with!

I have been absent from my blog for the past month becuase we have been busy with Dr.'s appointments and evaluations for our little Jaxon. He is not talking much and we've had a few concerns. After all the evaluations, he was diagnosed with a 'Severe Speech Articulation Disorder'. He is almost 28 months old and is speaking at a 1 year 1 month level. His 'receptive speech' is just a month or two behind - so he can understand what we are saying, follow commands, etc., but he can't 'express/articulate' himself with words.

Jaxon has started Speech Therapy at the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at the hospital and goes once a week for an hour. He also is having therapy done at our home which has been once a week so far. It's amazing how in just a month...your schedule and life can change so much.

We are teaching Jaxon some sign-language so he can communicate to us his needs. It has been so thrilling to see him sign 'eat', 'drink', 'more', 'all-done', and 'me'. We are also working on the signs for 'help' and 'please'. It is very clear that he loves it - he loves being able to communicate and tell us his needs. And as a mother...it's so exciting to see him working so hard to communicate with us!

This past week, Jaxon said the sounds.../oooo/, /h/, /p/, /b/, /m/ and said /go/. It was exciting and I'm so happy to see that the therapy is helping him. By the age of 2, children should be able to say at least 50 words. Jaxon says ma, da, and no. So, we have a lot of work to do but the progress he has made just the past week is exciting to see.

As mothers...I think it's so amazing how we all have our own struggles in life. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses and often times, embracing them and working on them is what it's all about.

I love my children with all my heart! Through diagnosis of autism, anxiety, and speech impairment and through lots of sessions of occupational & speech therapy...we have been tried, but we have also been so very blessed. We begin another journey now with our little Jaxon boy...and we are ready! Ready for the therapy, ready for the home sessions we need to do, ready to work to get him where he needs to be! Cause as Mothers...that's what we do. Help them to be the best that they can be...whatever that may be!

If you haven't seen this fabulous video yet, take a moment today to watch it. I cried and smiled all at the same time. It is beautiful! I have never met Stephanie but I talk about her to my family all the time. Madisyn wants to go and play with her girls every time she see's them on my computer! :)


Have a wonderful day my sweet friends, mothers and mothers-to-be someday!


Happiness Layout

A layout share today...Madisyn's 8th birthday party! She had such a fabulous time! This layout was done for Hero Arts for National Scrapbooking Day last Saturday. I was up in the mountains crafting away with my Mom and Sisters so I didn't get to share - but wanted to post it here on the blog as well. Lots of Hero Arts stamping, 'happiness' digital die-cut from my Silhouette machine, french-knots sewn in the middle of the flower and more. If you missed the fun post on the Hero Arts Blog on Saturday, check it out here for more inspiration.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts this past month. Things have been really busy...I have lots to share and will update on all the family and house stuff soon! We are having a huge yard sale tomorrow morning - that's one of the projects I've been working on - cleaning and purging every room and box in this house and garage. It feels soooo good! We've accumulated a lot of stuff through the 13 years that we've been married. So, I hope that we make some $$ tomorrow so I can get a new dresser for our bedroom! :)

Ok - off to 'Moms & Muffins' with Hudson at school! Be back soon!