Custom Chalkboard Word Art: Remember This

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a huge fan of Kerri Bradfords style and her digital die-cutting kits. When we moved into this home a year and a half ago, I was hanging up this chalkboard and thought that it just needed a little something.

I went to my Silhouette machine and found this great corner word art that Kerri had designed. Loved it!

I rotated the design and cut it out on cardstock as large as I could. I applied some temporary tape (dry runner) to the back the cut out design and stuck it to the chalkboard. I then carefully outlined the words with a white chalkboard marker - love it! The marker makes it look so clean and crisp - it doesn't have the same look as vinyl which I wasn't looking for for this project.
I get a lot of people asking me how I did it and if I wrote it myself! Hehehheee! :) Now, as I am posting these photos of my chalkboard, I'm thinking I'm ready to paint it a fun color! I see another project coming on! :)

Thanks again Kerri for the great designs! Be sure to check out her blog this week for lots of inspiration and for great sales! Be sure to come back Thursday when I will reveal my projects for her celebration this week and also open up a big giveaway!!


Scrapthat said...

It looks awesome too! Sheesh you enabler you! I ran right off and got it! Wish that Sil store would bring up Kerri's work by name or even "suggest other cutting files by artist" but it doesn't :(
Ah well...I'd rather go direct to Kerri herself I think!

Kerri said...

That's a FANTASTIC idea Robyn! Love it!

Lisa said...

Just saw your '4friends' layout on Kerri's blog - absolutely LOVE it!!!!