Kerri Bradford Designs One-Year Anniversary!

I remember first meeting Kerri at a CK University years ago. Then, I got addicted to her 'Graphically Speaking' cartridge for the Cricut machine and then her AMAZING die-cutting designs for the Silhouette store! Everything that girl created - I had to have! Graphic, clean - just the perfect designs that matched my style of scrapbooking just perfectly! She was the reason that I got a Silhouette in the first place - I had to play with all her amazing designs!

When I heard that she had left Silhouette, I instantly emailed her and begged her to create kits on her own and to sell them. I was so thrilled when she did! And now, we celebrate her one year anniversary of selling kits on her blog! And today, she is also launching a new site! Check it out! So yummy!

I am so excited to be a part of her celebration this week! Check out her blog each day this week for a new artist and for loads of inspiration! I think my day is Thursday - so I'll be back then to share my projects here as well.

In the meantime, be sure to stop by her amazing digital die-cutting shop each day for fabulous sales - a new one each day. Here is the list of upcoming sales each day:
Tomorrow, I'll be sharing a project I did with one of her designs that she created for the Silhouette store. And then Thursday, I'll be sharing all my projects that I created for Kerri's big one-year anniversary party this week! I'll also be opening up an amazing giveaway to Kerri's store! So don't miss it!

Congrats Kerri! I just love ya girl!


Scrapthat said...

I'm addicted to Kerri's style as well! She has made me lazy though I tell ya! I used to make alot of my own cutting files...now I go through my Studio program in my Kerri B. file and see if I can use something there....LOVE her work!
Can't wait to see your project! :)

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