Purchasing a used piano: which style do you like?

When I was 6 years old, my Mom started me on piano lessons. I'd practice and practice...I remember dreading the days I had to practice 30 minutes before I could go out to do anything! I played until I got married and then it just stopped. Lately, I've had this huge desire to get out the music and sit down and play. And I've felt a bit guilt that I haven't started my own children with piano lessons. But...one slight problem...we don't have a piano. I know there are ways around that but I've always wanted one and I think now is the time.

We can't afford a new piano so I've been checking out the classifieds for over a year trying to find one. And I think it's down to these three. All really different styles...all older pianos. And I know some may cringe at the thought of this...but I plan to paint it...either white or a really fun color. Not sure what direction I'm going to go. So...enough blabbing...I need some help. I am super indecisive and need some opinions other than my own. So, please help me. Vote for your fav!!

#1 - Love the lines on the base and the legs. Love the low height of it so you can put frames or things around it - doesn't take up so much 'visual' space.
From Pinterest here

#2 - Never would of looked at this piano until I saw the inspiration turquoise piano on pinterest. The wood 'lace' work on this piano is amazing - I can just imagine all the details painted and how gorgeous it would be.
From Pinterest Here

#3 - I just love the rounded molding on this piano. The color is actually great too but sure I'd paint it - even if not right away. There are a few cosmetic flaws and a key that need new ivory - but I think the whole piano is just beautiful! Again - larger and would be more of a focal point...not sure if that's what I want or what! LOL!
Inspiration (not exactly the same but still an upright like this one)
From Pinterest here

So, please help me out! #1 #2 or #3. Thoughts about them? I'd so appreciate it!