Introducing 'Summer Stamp School' at Studio Calico

I am so excited to finally get to share with you the July 2012 class at Studio Calico, Summer Stamp School! I am beyond excited and super honored to have been asked to be the teacher for this class! I have put together a crazy full outline that starts at the basics and works it's way up to more advanced techniques. It is full of instructions, techniques, tips, inspiration and so much more!! And the great thing, is that in the purchase of your class, you get this fabulous, exclusive stamp set sent to you for FREE!
How amazingly awesome is that set? I just love it!!
And it gets even better! Amazing contributors to the class as well...
It is going to be such a fun, inspiring summer! I hope that you will come and join me, the amazing contributors and all the fun people at Studio Calico this July!! Sign ups are NOW through June 30th! Don't miss out on this inspiring class and fabulous, exclusive stamp set!!

You can go here for more info! And if you have any questions, just let me know. I'm happy to chat! Hope to see you all in class!!!


Scrapthat said...

I'm wondering...is it one class? or how many?
I was looking just this morning for more info on the class and all I found is that all contributors have exactly posted what you have posted here.
Just wondering about more specific details if you can share. :D

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