Last day to register for Summer Stamp School!

Today, Saturday June 30, is the last day that you can register for Summer Stamp School at Studio Calico!! I am so excited for School to start and I hope that you'll be joining me!!

I had good intentions of posting so much more this month but I have been busy creating and writing and making this class as amazing as possible! The contributors have turned in their work and it is amazingly wonderful! They are all so talented!! It has come together and I can't wait to share everything with all of you!!

Class registration ends tonight so be sure to go here and sign up! Don't forget about that awesome stamp set that you get shipped to you for free - included in the class fee! So cool!

In the meantime, here are some sneaks that I've shared on Instagram and Twitter. You can follow me on Instagram by searching my username: RobynRW.

Can't wait for Summer School to start! Hope you'll join me!!


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