Life Changing Moments! And MORE boxes for sale!

This is happening!
I can't believe it! We have talked about moving for awhile, but I didn't think it was all going to come together within a week and that we would have to be at our new place in Arizona by August 1st! Crazy fast turn around! Crazy stress to pack! Crazy stress to fit in Dr.'s appt.'s and everything that we need to wrap up! My list is a mile long and I wonder how I'll accomplish it all by August 1. Hope and faith I guess!

So, with all that said, I am purging nearly my entire scrapbook room! I have a huge scrapbook room, plus a huge hall walk-in-closet full of stuff, plus another room that is full of storage supplies and stuff. It's ridiculous! I guess when you scrapbook for 10+ years, be a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!, work for numerous scrapbooking companies, and have an obsession for buying the latest and greatest...it builds up.

6 months ago or so I sold some boxes here on the blog full of goodies. I cleaned out my room and kept what I really thought I'd use and that I love - but it's got to go. I just can't move it all this time! So, I am selling again. I'm sorry to be doing this again and for not being the best at sharing inspirational posts the past few months - but I hope you'll bare with me. I've got to get rid of it - and fast!

Boxes are all sold - thank you everyone that bought one! I really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy your goodies!!


Vic said...

Just paid for a box of goodies! Good luck with all your moving activities.

Anonymous said...

I just bought one too! I am very excited to see what goodies come! Good luck! The moving process is not fun but getting settled in a new house is.

Candy Bryant said...

I ordered one yesterday and am excited to see what you picked for this Hawaii girl! Mahalo.

Carol said...

Robin - would you be willing to just sell the SPARK event kits? I'd like to buy 6 for a summer craft night event for my daughter and some friends. We're getting a little short on summer activities left to do and a little long on summer days left...:) You can email me at carol_macha@yahoo.com. Thank you for the consideration, good luck with your move!


Molly h said...

Just ordered! Hope I get one of the sprk kits, they look darling!